Unlike most middle-market private equity firms, NTC’s investment philosophy isn’t built around short-term financial performance, liquidity horizons, and investor mandates.

Instead, we treat every acquisition as a long-term equity investment, focusing on maximizing the operating and growth potential of our portfolio companies. Our approach is specifically tailored to the needs of sellers, particularly founders and family owners. This ensures we deliver long-term value for our principals and investors while also providing greater flexibility and stability for sellers.


Tailored approach

We are more flexible in our approach than private equity buyers with limited partnership funding. We are not restricted by agreements with limited partners because we don’t have any limited partners. We are free to structure every investment in the way that makes the most sense and creates the most value for the seller.

Orderly transition

We help founder-led and family-owned companies transition to new ownership without disruption to their operations, people, or culture.

Flexible sales structure

We are flexible in how we structure transactions, including offering sellers the opportunity to retain a portion of company ownership, make a complete exit, or even reverse course if the sale isn’t working as they had hoped.

Post-sale stability

Our long-term equity investment approach ensures we offer continuity and stability for employees, customers, and sellers who care about what happens to their company post-sale.

Strong relationships

We believe trust and long-term relationships between buyers and sellers are essential for maximizing value and preserving the unique characteristics of a business.

Tax planning

We provide technical expertise and structuring flexibility to help sellers reduce taxes from the sale of their business.