We have distinguished advisors who advise and support us in acquiring and operating portfolio companies.

Gen. Herbert J. Carlisle headshot

Gen. Herbert J. Carlisle

  • Ret. 4-star General, USAF
  • President & CEO – National Defense Industrial Association
Daniel A. Grafton headshot

Daniel A. Grafton

  • Director, Tenax Aerospace
  • Fmr. Chairman – Trustmark Corporation (2011-2017)
  • Fmr. President – L3 Communications Vertex Aerospace
Gen. Michael V. Hayden headshot

Gen. Michael V. Hayden

  • Director, Tenax Aerospace
  • Ret. 4-star General – USAF
  • Director, CIA (2006 – 2009)
  • First Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence (2005 – 2006)
  • Director, NSA (1999 – 2005)
Gen. Charles R. Holland headshot

Gen. Charles R. Holland

  • Director, Tenax Aerospace
  • Ret. 4-Star General – USAF
  • Fmr. Head of United States Special Operations Command
Admiral David Dunaway headshot

Admiral David Dunaway

  • Director, Entwistle Company
  • Ret. Vice Admiral, USN
  • Fmr. Commander – NAVAIR
Gen. Silvanus “Taco” Gilbert III headshot

Gen. Silvanus “Taco” Gilbert III

  • Director, Stevens Aerospace and Defense
  • Ret. 1-Star General, USAF
  • Fmr. SVP – Sierra Nevada Corp.
Sec. John J. Young headshot

Sec. John J. Young

  • Director, Tenax Aerospace
  • Fmr. DOD Director of Defense Research and Engineering
  • Fmr. Assistant Secretary of the Navy
General William T. Crosby headshot

General William T. Crosby

  • Director, Stevens Aerospace and Defense
  • Ret. 2-Star General – U.S. Army
  • Former PEO of the Army Fixed Wing Office