In addition to in-house acquisitions, we also work with smaller and family-owned companies to assist in long-range sale preparation to outside parties.

For many companies, this means supporting alignment with generally accepted accounting principles, preparing financial forecasts and models, organizing and arranging necessary data, and providing professional advice from decades of experience. We help owners decide when to sell, with valuations and fairness opinions, as well as assisting in identifying the right buyer when the time does come.

Selling your business can take time, and you want to do it right. Talk to us now about how we can assist you in preparing for a sale well in advance.

Professional Advice

We provide specific, actionable recommendations tailored to help you get your company to a place where you can sell for an aspirational price.

Financial Modeling

We provide financial models to deliver aspirational price targets and tangible steps to achieve them.

Due Diligence

It can all come down to the detail. Work with us and our advanced due diligence processes, combined with extensive experience dealing with buyers and what they are looking for.

We cover a broad array of topics in buyer due diligence & ensure you prepare for a sale well in advance.

  • Financial Reporting

  • Revenue and Customer Analytics

  • Improve Governance

  • Incentive Compensation

  • Management Composition and Compensation

  • Contracts and Compliance